Switching to Metal Straws Will Improve Drinks

by John Weil August 22, 2019 2 min read


   Millions of plastics straws are used and discarded each year. It has become normal for hundreds of restaurants to automatically supply them to their patrons. While they have been known to aid those with medical issues in consuming drinks, there is a growing concern about the state of the environment. People have noticed that plastic is one of the most common types of material that gets thrown away. A lot of people worry about the amount of material waste that goes into landfills and oceans. Many people are fighting against this by limiting the amount of plastic they use, and one solution that some have come up with is reusable straws.

The Drinks Taste Better

   Metal straws are one several alternatives and will not lessen the drinking experience. They can be seen as an improvement when used instead. There is no bending and breaking, so drinks and desserts can be enjoyed without issues. Also, the taste of refreshments may improve when being consumed with stainless steel. According to a study by Charles Spence, Vanessa Harrar, and Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, the flavor of food was rated higher when eaten with a metal spoon. Different factors can influence how humans perceive the taste and quality of what they eat or drink. It is reasonable to believe that the type of material of the straw used can impact the taste of a refreshment. Patrons will enjoy the flavor of beverages more if they are using metal instead of plastic.

   A large variety of beverages can greatly benefit from metal straws. Bartenders can begin placing them in drinks such as margaritas and martinis. Coffee shops can make use of metal straws in their hot and iced coffees, frappuccinos, and lattes. Patrons can also use them for smoothies and milkshakes. There are plenty of other kinds of drinks that business owners can also use with metal straws. The straws are available in both straight and curved designs and are easy to clean. More and more people are switching to from plastic to metal, so restaurants are encouraged to make this change as well.


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