Sand Straw Partners to Save Baby Sea Turtles

by John Weil July 21, 2020 3 min read

It’s no secret that we humans are known to have some habits that can be harmful to our non-human friends. Our lifestyles have become increasingly harmful to the environment and wildlife.

Sadly, there are many species of animals that have already gone extinct, and countless that are currently in danger. All seven species of sea turtles around the world are endangered or threatened due to poaching, getting caught in fishing gear, and plastic pollution and this is common knowledge to a concerningly small percentage of the world’s population. 

Sand Straw

In the summer of 2018, what seemed like a normal day at the beach transformed the lives of John Weil and Brian Ruthenberg. As they walked, the two friends became aware of the plastic they were walking around and stepping over, just waiting for the tide to come in and carry it out to sea.

What was particularly striking to them was the number of straws left carelessly on the ground – so many that they continued to think about it in the days after. All that waste would become a part of the 8 million metric tons of plastic that enters our oceans every year, joining the 150 million tons already littering the ocean floor.

With a new drive to make a difference, John and Brian invested everything they had into their business: Sand Straw. Sand Straw is a company created to fight this problem. They designed stainless steel reusable straws in unique color combinations and animal themes to encourage others to reduce their plastic use.

Founders John and Brian began selling their products at local farmers’ markets, spreading the Sand Straw movement one person at a time. Today, their straws are sold in hundreds of stores across North and Central America, helping change the world and protect the environment and the wildlife that calls it home.

Striving For Change with See Turtles

In the years since that fateful day at the beach, humanity has started to wake up to the damage we’re causing. Many have started making better choices, but there is still so muchwork to be done. To continue their work, Sand Straw donates 10% of its net profits to the charities associated with each product.

One of these nonprofit organizations is See Turtles, a group formed to protect endangered sea turtles through ecotourism in Central and South America by supporting community-based conservation efforts.

Since its launch, See Turtles has saved more than 2.8 million turtle hatchlings at conservation projects across Latin America, with over 500 volunteers completing more than 5,000 work shifts at turtle projects.

Now, Sand Straw has partnered with See Turtles to save more sea turtle hatchlings. See Turtles has generated over $1 million for turtle conservation, and regularly runs educational workshops that have trained more than 100 teachers and community leaders on sea turtle educational techniques.

They have also funded field trips for more than 2,000 students living near turtle nesting beaches. Such important efforts towards saving baby turtles and conserving the environment make See Turtles the perfect partner for Sand Straw, who shares the same passion for conservation.

Join the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

If you have recently become more aware of the damage that can be done by single-use plastic products, and you would like to begin your journey towards reducing your plastic intake, stop buying plastic straws for good and buy Sand Straw’s stainless steel options.

Sand Straw’s products come in a 3 Pack or a single Collapsible Straw, all of which come in 5 unique colors and with the logo of a different sea animal on each. Today, Sand Straw has helped thousands of households switch from plastic to long-lasting metal, as well as contribute to incredible nonprofits like See Turtles.