Sand Straw Stainless Steel Straws are the Best Reusable Straws

by John Weil September 16, 2019 2 min read


Stainless steel straws made by Sand Straw are solid, safe, and completely reusable. This is the best alternative to plastic straws that are in the process of being discontinued by many restaurants and bars as well as fast-food chains.

Plastic straws are wasteful. They are harmful to the environment and they do not decompose quickly. Plastic straws can split and they are made from petroleum by-products such as polypropylene. As a result, many food services are no longer using them along with plastic toothpicks, swizzle sticks, and utensils. Many environmentally-conscious local governments and foreign countries are trying to phase out any type of plastic for eating or drinking.

The "green movement" embraces reusable and sustainable materials such as stainless steel straws. The stainless straws, like stainless steel eating utensils, have an unlimited lifetime. You can carry them with you and wash them out as you would a fork or spoon. They are unbreakable with normal use and dishwasher safe. Sand Straw Stainless Steel Straws come in an attractive carrying pouch along with a cleaning brush.

Other Alternatives

Remember paper straws? You may be old enough to remember the paper straws that unwrapped into soggy spirals when they were very wet. They did disintegrate, often while you were still using them, especially if you chewed on them! Plastic straws seemed like an improvement.

Bamboo straws are popular in some areas. Bamboo is naturally hollow and straws can be fashioned from this sustainable grass. However, bamboo straws can become moldy from prolonged exposure to liquids. They are not easy to clean and they will not last indefinitely.

Glass straws are often colorful but they are not safe. Glass can break and cut the users. They should never be given to children.

Sand Straw Stainless Steel Straws come in straight and curved designs and they can be used with smoothies and thicker drinks. The metal may even improve the taste of the liquid.

Sand Straw will donate 10% of their net profits to the animal fund of your choice. Contact us today for more information on using sustainable stainless steel drinking straws. 

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