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Did you know marine life have a 50%-50% chance of living once they have ingested plastics? Well, now you do. Plastics are not only a threat to marine life but also to our environment. What is even worse is that these plastics further break down to form micro plastics that are even more poisonous than the plastics themselves.

About 500 million straws are disposed of in the US on a daily basis. Such an overwhelming number, right? What is even more worrisome is that these straws are likely to end up in our coastal shores due to their lightweight nature which makes them easily blown off by the wind.Also, due to their small sizes and the hazardous chemicals used in their manufacture, they are likely to be skipped out during the recycling of other plastics.

Want to be part of the change in living in a plastic-free environment? Keep reading… There are plenty of viable plastic straws alternatives from glass straws, bamboo straws, and the famous stainless-steel straws. Out of the three, here is why the latter is the king of them all.

  1. Durability.  Imagine how long that stainless pot in your kitchen has served you. Now imagine having a set of straws that can last as long. With proper care and maintenance, these straws are likely to stay for a couple of years retaining their shine. And remember, they are also rustproof.
  2. Sassy appearance.  Well, if you are one of those people that are into elegance and class with their cutlery, a set of these stainless-steel straws will be a great addition to your silverware.
  3. Ease of cleaning.  One amazing aspect of these straws is that they are dish washable, you just need to rinse and throw into the dishwasher and voila-they are already clean. The set also comes with a cleaning brush, making it possible to clean your straw from any location. Hey, you can carry them to your favorite beverage joint.
  4. Safe to handle.  Unlike their glass counterparts which are very fragile and likely to break easily, you don't have to worry about letting the young ones handle them.
  5. Budget-friendly.  The price of a set of these impeccable stainless -steel straws may first seem expensive to you. But think in the long run! Two or three sets are likely to serve you for a couple of years without you having to go to the shop again. This is unlike those plastic straws where you have to keep replacing that pack every once in a while.

If each person were to use a stainless-steel straw, he or she can prevent up to 600 straws from ending up in our oceans and landfills.