In the summer of 2018, a day at the beach transformed the lives of John Weil and Brian Ruthenberg. It was a local beach that brought plastic waste to their attention.

The amount of straws on the ground waiting to float into the ocean left a lasting impression.

With a drive to make a difference and limited resources, John and Brian invested everything they had into their business.

This was the day that it began..

Sand Straw is a movement to bring attention to the animals we harm, and it is a belief that every straw makes a difference.

Each Sand Straw is designed by our team to ensure quality and uniqueness. You will know its a Sand Straw by the unique color combinations and connection to each animal.

Founders John and Brian began at local farmers markets spreading the Sand Straw movement one person at a time. In the beginning, they were jumping from one market to the next.

Today, Sand Straws are used by thousands and the movement has spread across the U.S.

This company is a continuous reminder that every straw makes a difference!


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