Why Metal Drinking Straws are the Best Reusable Straw Solution

by John Weil June 12, 2019 2 min read

Metal Drinking Straws?

Who doesn't love a trip to the beach during the summer? Whether you stop for a to-go lunch or pack a picnic, be sure to skip the plastic straw. According to the National Park Service, Americans use 500 MILLION drinking straws daily, and they are one of the top 10 littered items on our beaches and in our oceans. Many coastal communities have banned everything from plastic bags to styrofoam to-go food packaging to help mitigate ocean debris, and eco-conscious restaurants are choosing to skip the straw or at least offer non-plastic alternatives. Europe recently banned all single-use plastics.

While new straw alternatives continue to be introduced, they still produce waste, either in their production or post-use phase, so if you're looking to do your part to help the environment without sacrificing style, there's no better option than a stainless steel straw. Paper straws get soggy pretty quickly upon contact with liquid, glass straws are pretty, but what happens if it breaks while you're barefoot on the beach? Stainless steel straws are virtually indestructible, easy to maintain, and make a great gift for yourself, co-workers, family and friends, or even summer's dads and grads! Shop now at the Sand Straw Store and check out their collections of stainless steel straw packs and bundles. 

There are plenty of small steps we can all take to make a difference if we keep the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra in mind. From swapping out single-use plastics like water bottles and straws to keeping reusable grocery tote bags in your purse or car, you can do your part. And if you want to encourage your peer group, be sure to save the date for February 22, National #SkiptheStraw day (coincidentally, also #NationalMargaritaDay), so you can show-off your choice to help reduce plastic straw litter on social media.

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