Why I Use Metal Straws: 4 Good Reasons Why It's Worth Having Your Own

by John Weil May 16, 2019 2 min read

You might be increasingly concerned about the increase in disposable, non-biodegradable plastics being overused and contaminating the environment. Maybe your community has recently implemented a ban on plastic straws, or is considering one. You've seen people carrying their own metal straws, and it seems like a viable alternative -- but is it worth your time and energy to go full metal?

Yep. Plastic straws impact wildlife, and they're rarely -- if ever -- recycled. The estimated 175 million plastic straws used across the U.S. every day don't biodegrade and impact the nation's waterways in significant ways.

Even if the environmental impacts aren't enough to sway you, here's why carrying your own metal straw can be worthwhile:

  1. Metal straws are easy to clean. You're responsible for having your own clean straw, and you're not relying on those dispensers (who cleans those, anyway?) to give you a non-contaminated straw. Even paper-wrapped straws can get holes and tears that let in bacteria. Ew. And speaking of bacteria, metal doesn't attract and hold it like plastic or paper straws can and do.
  2. Metal straws make your drinks taste better. Materials do matter. Ever had a big swig of water from a plastic bottle that tastes disgusting? Do you typically drink wine or craft beer from plastic containers? Plus, there are studies that show materials have an impact on your perception. Case in point: You don't use plastic utensils for a formal dinner.
  3. You've always got a straw if you need one. You won't have to drink from the who-knows-what-dirt-is-on-this can of soda because you've got your own straw with you to pull out and use.
  4. Metal straws can be a good talking point. Someday, we might all be carrying and using stainless steel straws. In the meantime, using one can be a good conversation starter. If others ask about your straw, you can chat about the benefits, both personal and environmental. Or don't, but rest happy in the knowledge you're setting a good example for others.

Quickly, carrying and using a metal straw will become second nature. You'll wonder why you ever thought plastic straws were a good idea! Get your own pack of metal straws today.