Why I take my Stainless Steel Straws With Me Everywhere I Go

by John Weil June 15, 2019 2 min read

There are some accessories that you just can't leave home without and for me, my stainless steel straws are at the top of the list. It's not just my ongoing quest to save the environment, though reducing waste one straw at a time leaves me with a small high each time I do it. There are also a lot of advantages to taking my stainless steel straws along with me. 

They Come in a Variety of Cool Colors

Okay, fine, this is probably my inner child coming out, but I'll admit it: I love that my stainless steel straws come in bright, cheerful colors that look great with any type of cup I choose. Whether they're sliding into a reusable cup or getting used in the cup from a fast food restaurant, they add a pop of color and a little more fun to all of my drinks. 

They Come in a Nice Bag

When I'm packing my purse, I want to know that things are neat and organized. My stainless steel straws come in a pretty bag of their own. I love that it's easy to find in my bag and that it keeps everything neat and tidy--and that it prevents my straws from ending up covered in lint from the bottom of my purse. 

They're Easy to Clean

Some types of reusable straws are a pain to clean on the go. My stainless steel straws, on the other hand, make cleaning a snap. They come with a brush that fits perfectly in the carrying case, which means I can tidy up just as easily as they can be used. 

I Love the Feel of Liquid in a Stainless Steel Straw

There's just something about the feel of a cold drink sliding through my stainless steel straw that always makes me smile. It's a great sensation that helps make my drink even more enjoyable. 

I don't go anywhere without my stainless steel straws. After all, you never know when you're going to need to grab a drink! Ready to equip your bag with a beautiful stainless steel straw pack? Visit the Sand Straw store today!