Why I made the Switch from Plastic to Metal Straws

by John Weil May 15, 2019 2 min read

 I've always loved nature, but the beach is my favorite place to be by far. It's my second home: the breezes carrying the smell of the sea, the warm sand, and the endless expanse of the ocean...it never fails to take my breath away. I love to set up my umbrella, lay down my towel, and relax for a few hours with just a good book and the ambiance of the beach. I made the trip to my favorite beach on my day off, unaware that it would be a life-changing event.

I was walking along the shore with my things in hand, looking for the perfect spot to relax. I couldn't help but notice something rather unsettling: the waste that littered the normally beautiful beach. Of course it's hard to find a place without litter these days, but it seemed to be particularly bad. Bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic bags...all waiting to be washed out to sea. And so many plastic drinking straws! I thought about my own plastic straw I had in my bag and made a mental note to throw it away in a proper trash bin. I did not want to be a part of this massive pollution.

A seagull swooped in just then and started picking at the straws, like it was trying to eat them. I panicked and threw my things down, chasing the bird away from danger. It took the hint and flew off, safe for now. But what about next time? Then and there, I promised myself that I would make a change.

With 90% of all the ocean's trash being plastic, it's no surprise that it affects both the ocean and all its inhabitants. The best thing we can do is reduce plastic waste with sustainable alternatives. After some research, I discovered that I could replace buying boxes of plastic straws weekly with buying one pack of metal straws to last me for years. Looking to make the move to metal? Drop us a line: ditch your plastic straws and get a stylish and sustainable Sand Straw now!