Why Bulk Reusable Straws Are Great for Restaurants and Stores

Why Bulk Reusable Straws Are Great for Restaurants and Stores

Wondering if you should invest in bulk reusable straws for your restaurant or store? Read below to find out why it's smart for your pocket and the environment. 

Plastic, disposable drinking straws create tons of waste each year. They are not reusable, they are not environmentally friendly, and customers are becoming aware of this waste. Reusable, clean, stainless steel straws, are a good way for any establishment to show their customers that they are doing their best to protect the environment which we all share. Fortunately, reusable, stainless steel straws, are also more economical than disposable plastic straws. 

Do Customers Really Care?

According to the global analytics company Nielsen, 81% of consumers believe that companies and businesses should do their best to conserve the environment. The modern consumer is more environmentally conscious than they have ever been. The public wants to do what is right for the environment and they want every business that they patronize to do the same. 

Plastic straws are a clear sign that a business does not take their role in protecting the environment seriously. Conversely, reusable, stainless steel straws, are a clear sign that your establishment is considerate, and environmentally conscious. This is true for retail establishments as well as restaurants. 

Health conscious customers will also appreciate that plastic straws contain BisphenolA (BPA). According to,, this harmful chemical has been linked to  reproductive disorders and other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Many customers realize this and would be delighted to see a business that offers an alternative. 

How Much Waste do Disposable Straws Create?

According to National Geographic, 500 million straws are used each day. That means that hundreds of millions of pieces of plastic are thrown away as refuse. These straws do not only end up in landfills, a large portion of them pollute our beaches, waterways, and other areas. They destroy habitats, harm native plant and animal lives, and are aesthetically displeasing to us. 

Pollution is not the only way that this waste harms the environment. The energy and materials needed to make these straws are wasted after every single use. If we eliminated their use we would conserve the natural resources, and energy, that was used to produce them. This would not only benefit the earth, but this conservation would benefit every living thing on the planet. 

Reusable Straws Will Save you Money

Every business owner's goal is to make money. Reusable straws is not only the right thing to do for the environment, it is a good business move. By replacing the disposable straws companies typically cut their expenses significantly. Simply put; you won't need to order as many straws if you reuse them over and over again.  It will also earn the loyalty of customers who appreciate your business taking a stand for the environment. 

Make The Switch

There is virtually no downside to switching from disposable straws to plastic straws. Reusable straws;

  • Cut waste by eliminating some of the millions of straws that are discarded each day.
  • Reduce the resources that are used to manufacture disposable straws.
  • Build goodwill with an increasingly environmentally conscious public. 

Restaurants, grocery stores, and virtually any retail establishment can taken a public stand for the environment by eliminating disposable straws and embracing stainless steel, reusable straws. If you are looking to finally make the switch, contact us at Sand Straw to see all of your options and to see for yourself how ordering reusable straws in bulk can be a great move for your restaurant, grocery store, or any other establishment. Your customers, and your wallet, will be happy that you did.