Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Bar's Popular Drinks with Metal Straws

by John Weil August 14, 2019 2 min read

Upgrade with metal straws?

As harmful plastic continues to pollute the world, eco-conscious bar owners and their patrons are seeking alternatives to plastic straws. Fortunately, there are a growing number of alternatives to plastic, such as bamboo, paper, and even metal.

Aside from the environmental benefits, making the switch to stainless steel straws provides a unique aesthetic, improves beverage quality, and upgrades the user experience. Read more about the benefits below.

Drinks Taste Better

Anyone that has sipped water from a hot plastic water bottle knows the dreaded aftertaste. By contrast, drinking from a stainless steel thermos provides a crisp alternative - even if the liquid is no longer cold. Applying the same concept, drinks enjoyed from a metal straw taste crisper and more consistent with how they actually should taste. By using a metal straw, there is no plastic aftertaste or contamination and the patron can experience their drink in its full glory. Stainless steel can even help a drink stay cool longer.

Drinks Look Better

Whether a patron consciously realizes it or not, plastic has connotations of "cheap" and "low quality." Plastic is everywhere, so it is not special. Plastic straws are served in most establishments, so it doesn't provide any enhancement to the drink experience. By contrast, a drink with a shiny metal straw looks sleek, stylish, and elegant. As any good chef knows, the way food looks on the plate subconsciously influences how that food tastes. Similarly, a drink that looks like a quality beverage will likely be enjoyed more.

Metal Benefits the Bottom Line

Stainless steel straws do not bend or break and can be used repeatedly over time when cared for properly. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher and durable enough to fulfill their roles for a long time. This eliminates the need to keep ordering plastic straws that only fill up the garbage bags quicker. Over time, the savings adds up.

By implementing metal straws in place of plastic, an establishment can stand out from its competition. Not only does the switch help the environment, but it is also a smart business decision. Contact us to learn more about making the switch to stainless steel straws!