Stainless Steel Straws - The Top 3 Reasons to Own One

by John Weil May 06, 2019 2 min read

Stainless Steel Straws, why should you own one? With the heightened media attention surrounding single-use plastics and environmentally friendly alternatives, it's probably no surprise that reusable straws are making waves. Straws may seem like a small thing that won't make much of a difference but if everyone used one less straw every day, we'd save thousands of sea turtles, We want to share with you our top favorite reasons for carrying a stainless steel straw.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Own a Stainless Steel Straw

1. It's Easier Than You Think

At first, it'll probably feel awkward to diligently tell the server not to give you a straw and instead to pull out your reusable stainless steel one. The first few times you do it might be tough but we promise it gets easier! It'll become second nature before long and the initial embarrassment will wear off. 

Also, some people believe that cleaning the straw will be tricky and that they won't want to go through the trouble but it actually isn't hard at all! Every purchase of our straws comes with a tiny cleaning brush and a drawstring bag to place the straws and brush in. If you're not able to properly clean the straw after drinking something that isn't water, you can rinse it by taking a few sips through the straw of clean water and placing it back in the bag between actual washes with the teeny brush.

2. Drinks Have Better Taste

There have been studies that prove that foods and drinks actually taste different based on the materials of the dishes and utensils they're eaten off of. Metal straws make drinks taste better than plastic ones! Also, if a can or bottle has been stored or transported in a dusty container with potential rodents or insects, many people want to pour the contents into a cup before drinking just in case the lip of the can is contaminated. Having a metal straw on hand ensures that you can drink from the original container without risking your health.

3. You Can Influence Others

We don't recommend that you go around wearing a sandwich sign proclaiming all the evils of plastic straws and lecturing anyone who dares get within earshot of you. We do recommend that you use your straw when drinking and then politely answer the questions that will undoubtedly arise from curious folks nearby. 

There are as many reasons to cut back on plastic usage as there are fish in the sea, we hope these 3 reasons have given you a push in the direction of taking matters into your own hands! Ready to take the plunge and get yourself a stainless steel straw? Get your own from our stylish selection