Stainless Steel Straws - The Magic Item for Gift Shops and Boutiques

by John Weil July 16, 2019 2 min read

Ever consider stainless steel straws for your gift shop or boutique?

Starting in 2019, plastic straw bans started to go into effect in cities and states around the US, bringing consumer attention to the issue of single-use plastics. Formerly so ubiquitous as to be invisible, single-use plastics like drinking straws are becoming recognized as the symbol of our global pollution crisis. A huge portion of plastics created are used once and discarded, ending up in landfills or making their way back into the environment. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is composed of billions of such items--plastic straws, wrappers, and more--and now measures more than 1.6 million square kilometers.

American consumers want to be part of the solution to this problem, and your business can help them by making alternatives to single-use drinking straws available. Sand Straw, a California-based company, got its starts selling at local farmer's markets. Sand Straw now makes it products available to wholesale buyers, meaning you can stock your shelves with these attractive and environmentally conscious products. Sand Straw's stainless steel reusable drinking straws are distinctively bright and attractively bundled in convenient carrying cases. Your customers will appreciate the included cleaning brush, which solves the common question of how to maintain and care for their new straw.

Affordable, eye-catching Sand Straws are an appealing gift item for consumers looking for something unique to round out their souvenir or holiday purchases. Each Sand Straw sale supports marine life through donations to organizations like Oceana and the Center for Whale Research, which means that these purchases can help your customers communicate their values whether they buy a straw for themselves or a loved one.

With organizations from FedSteel to The Washington Post speculating that disposable straws will soon become a thing of the past, now is the time to get in on this burgeoning trend. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can help your customers reduce their carbon footprint and maximize their impact by becoming part of this nationwide movement.