Using Reusable Straws : One Mom's Story

by John Weil May 22, 2019 2 min read

Reusable straws: you mean I have to tuck my own straw into my pocket, remember to pull it out whenever I visit a fast food restaurant, and then remember to clean it later? It seemed like a mistake. 

Then I purchased reusable straws for the first time. 

It started as a "green" measure. I might have gotten talked into it by a few friends in an online forum. (Peer pressure is a real thing!) I picked up a couple of reusable straws to take out when I was out and about with my girls--2 and 4. 

Packing the Diaper Bag

Oh--they're here! The thrill of having a package arrive in the mail led me to quickly wash and prep my new reusable straws. Since they're washed and ready to go, why not tuck them into the diaper bag? We've got big plans for an outing tomorrow. We might as well use them. Turns out, they fit conveniently in my diaper bag without adding any bulk or inconvenience. Since they come in a convenient carrying pouch, I don't even have to worry about them getting dirty in the diaper bag. (Those cookie crumbs are from kids' snacks, I swear.) 


It's time to order lunch for the kids. We walk up to the counter at our favorite fast food restaurant, the girls giggling as they discuss what toys will be in their meals. I order each of them water to drink: that's better for little girls than sugar-filled soda, right?

We walk over to the table--oh, crap, I forgot to get napkins. Well, at least I don't have to worry about wrangling the girls up to go get straws. I pull their new reusable straws out of the diaper bag and slide them into their cups. 

"Mommy, that's a cute straw!" Huh. At least the kids like them. 

We sit down and enjoy our lunch. With wipes (also reusable) in the diaper bag, cleanup is easy--and I never did have to get up to grab anything. The nice lady at the counter put ketchup on our tray, so I didn't have to leave the table. That's surprisingly convenient. 

When the time comes to clean up, I hand the girls their cups, and they happily bounce out to the car, still thrilled by their new, colorful straws. 


When I get home, the girls get their cups out of the car as they get out. Cups in the trash, straws in the sink: it's a simple exercise, and one they've done plenty of times with other dishes. I'll wash their straws with the rest of the dishes tonight--turns out, it's a lot easier than it looks.

Do you need reusable straws in your life? It's time to make an order and start saving the environment (not to mention saving a lot of trouble when you're out to eat with a couple of toddlers on your own). Contact Sand Straw today to learn more!