Sand Straw - A stylish Alternative to Plastic Straws

by John Weil May 07, 2019 2 min read

Plastic straws are contributing to ocean pollution at an alarming rate. Single-use items like plastic straws are no longer trendy as more people realize the urgent need to find environmentally friendly alternatives. Plastic straws are frequently used once and then tossed away- ending up in landfills and the ocean, harming the environment. Plastic straws do not biodegrade and are the 8th most common littered item found in the sea and on beaches. Stainless steel straws are an excellent alternative to plastic straws.

There are several different types of reusable straws to choose from: stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and silicone. However, stainless steel straws consistently rank as a top choice because they are reusable, easy to clean, odor-resistant, and durable. Stainless steel straws are easy to carry in your purse or pocket and are convenient to use at home or on the go. Next time you order a drink at a restaurant, decline the harmful plastic straw and use your reusable straw instead.

You may have concerns that stainless steel straws are drab and grey- it doesn't have to be that way! You can choose stylish and sustainable! Sand Straw stainless steel straws come in an array of fashionable colors. You can select a straw in your favorite color, or choose a straw that coordinates with your reusable beverage container. You can choose a solid color, multi-color, or rainbow colored straw. Each Sand Straw displays the Sand Straw logo; a small, golden palm tree with a straw as the tree trunk. The palm tree Sand Straw logo distinguishes it from other stainless steel straws and shows your support of ocean cleanup. Each straw type supports an ocean animal and ocean cleanup effort. You can do good while looking good! Visit the Sand Straw store to order your stylish straw today.

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