The Negative Impacts of Plastic on Our Marine Wildlife

by John Weil June 08, 2019 2 min read

Why plastic straw alternatives? Like no other time in human history, earth's oceans are facing a serious crisis. The amount of plastic debris found in our oceans are causing serious problems for more than 800 species of wildlife (as well as humanity itself,) according to Simon Reddy who writes for With millions of tons of plastic ending up in our oceans each year, we are seeing fatal effects in sea turtles, birds and even whales. The ingestion of plastic is one of the largest problems with marine wildlife. Many of these species will mistakenly eat pieces of plastic that do not digest and break down. 

Humanity has become increasingly aware of this problem and social justice efforts have been undertaken to educate the population to the extreme harm that plastic is truly causing to so many large and small marine species. Kerry Taylor-Smith writes for AZO Cleantech that humans use more than one million plastic bags every minute. All of this plastic usage (much of which is not recycled) has led humanity to search for different solutions for every day consumer products. As a result, alternative products to plastic are beginning to appear in the marketplace and though plastic is still cheap and easily obtained, the fight for more sustainable solutions is well underway. 

The plastic straw is another item that has come under attack because of the sheer amount of use on the planet. There are a number of alternate solutions that have presented themselves to lessen the use of plastic and promote more sustainable and eco-friendly principles. These alternative products are becoming more common every day as more companies begin to slowly make the turn to responsible global citizenship. These market-driven decisions will only come into the mainstream as consumers continue to demand change. Contact us for more information on responsible alternatives to plastic consumption.