Switch to Metal Straws - Stop Killing our Marine life with Plastic Straws

by John Weil August 05, 2019 2 min read

Why you should switch to metal straws.

Metal straws vs plastic. According to For a Strawless Ocean by the year 2050, 99 % of our seabirds will have ingested plastic and over half of them will die because of it. Consumers use millions of plastic straws daily and this convenient and habitual bad habit is detrimental to our oceans, and marine life that live in them. Think about the thousands of fast food restaurants that serve thousands of plastic straws a day and you can imagine how many straws are disposed of on a daily basis polluting our oceans, killing healthy marine life and filling our landfills. Choose no plastic straw please when ordering at your favorite restaurant and be environmentally responsible, saving our oceans and marine life for future generations.

Trump "Makes Straws Great Again"

According to People Magazine, President Donald Trump raised over 200,000 dollars for his re-election campaign selling plastic straws that his camp claims are environmental-friendly, recyclable straws. Many are disputing that the straws are recyclable. An interview with  Dune Ives from the Lonely Whale states the straws are not recyclable because they are too small to go through a sorting machine, reports People Magazine. As conservatives cover the earth with red Trump-branded straws environmentalist look for ways to reduce the use of plastic straws in an effort to save our ocean life, reduce landfills and protect our marine life.

Choose Stainless Steel Straws over Plastic

Choosing a stainless steel straw over a plastic one not only saves money but saves the environment as well. Not only does stainless steel last for years, you no longer have to purchase that pack of straws for chocolate shake movie night or smoothies by the pool. With brilliant colors and affordable prices stainless steel straws dress up any exotic drink that you may serve to family and friends at that outdoor BBQ or pool side party. Purchasing a pack of Sand straws in brilliant colors not only keeps your drink colder, it will impress your guests with the attractiveness of your favorite blended or poured drink and set the example for environmental consciousness. Make a statement by using stainless steel straws and refusing plastic straws that are destroying our oceans and killing marine life. By Purchasing Sand straws you also have the option of donating 10% of net profits to the animal of your choice, making it the right choice.