How to Trump Plastic Straws With Amazing Sand Straws

by John Weil August 18, 2019 2 min read

Plastic Straws Need to Go

"Paper straws don't work!" some people say. And it's true that while paper straws are better for the planet than plastic straws, they have their drawbacks. First, they barely last long enough to finish a single beverage. Second, they then need to be replaced with another straw, thus increasing waste as well as costing money. Third, while the breakdown rate of a paper straw is much better than for plastic, the fact remains that in the end, it is disposed of and becomes trash that needs to be dealt with.

Paper Straws Aren't the Answer

It's clear that reusable straws are ultimately the answer when it comes to being both ecologically and fiscally responsible. Since they are capable of being washed and reused many, many times, they don't create nearly the waste that disposable straws do. And although they are more costly at first, over the long haul they actually save money over disposables because they can withstand so much more use. But which reusable straws are the right ones for you? Glass and bamboo are both trendy choices now, but the material that has a reputation for durability is also the one that pioneered the field of reusable straws: stainless steel. The smart money is on stainless-steel reusable straws.

Sand Straws Give Back

Of the stainless steel straws on the market today, Sand Straws distinguish themselves by not only creating a superior product that you'll be proud to own and use, but by also giving back to the planet. With each purchase, 10% of net profits are donated to the sea animal of your choice! You'll feel good about yourself knowing that not only are you helping the planet on an individual level, you are also helping to do so on a global level through your purchase. So browse the Sand Straw collection today, because it's never too soon to start saving the planet.