How Can Stainless Steel Straws Help Save Earth?

by John Weil July 08, 2019 2 min read

How can stainless steel straws help save Earth?

Right now it is more critical than ever to take care of this planet we are living on because there is no Planet B. One thing that may seem so small and insignificant, in the large scheme of things, are plastic straws. The reason they should be a large concern to you, though, is their small size. 

Small Size - Big Concern

  1. Since straws are small they easily fall through tears in trash bags, are forgotten by people at meals, or are mistakenly recycled by people when they are not able to be recycled. 
  2. Straws are effortlessly picked up by the wind because they are light and hollow and inevitably will end up in a water source. They can be carried there via storm drains or general proximity to water features. Wind and water will continually force straws to end up where they should not be: our lakes, rivers, beaches, and oceans. Straws, unfortunately, never get conveniently carried to our waste sites.
  3. It is estimated that there are roughly 7.5 billion straws littering America's beaches, according to a study in Sciencein 2015. That's not even taking into account the rest of the world's beaches or how much has already ended up in the ocean polluting our waters and killing both plants and animals.

Solution - Sand Straws

  1. We can't recycle plastic straws, but Sand Straws have created a fully reusable stainless steel straw that can replace any situation where you would need a straw. 
  2. Not only would you be eliminating your need for plastic straws, but Sand Straw donates 10% of your purchase towards the sea animal of your choice. 
  3. You can create positive peer pressure by modeling environmentally conscious choices. When people see you using your Sand Straw, it can open up a dialogue about why you are using a steel straw and how it can help save our planet. Be a force for change!

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