Can Stainless Steel Straws Save Us From the Dangers of Plastic Pollution?

by John Weil June 20, 2019 2 min read

Can stainless steel straws save us from the dangers of plastic pollution?

The world's oceans sustain our civilization. Covering nearly three-quarters of Earth, the seas not only provide us with food and sustenance, but absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and supply us with the clean oxygen needed to maintain life.

We have a mistaken belief that the oceans belong to us alone and have for too many years treated them as our personal property. Irresponsible polluting, dumping of waste products, chemicals, and plastics have taken a devastating toll on marine wildlife. Their home is being destroyed, even as we continue to benefit through our abuse.

The Causes

Our waste and debris kill marine wildlife. According to research conducted through the Pew Charitable Trusts, almost 80 percent of that debris is plastic carelessly disposed of by humans. Simple items we use in everyday life, plastic bags, fishing nets and lines, bottles and bottle caps, balloons, and plastic drinking straws, become fatal litter when dumped into Earth's oceans.

The Dangers

Once ingested by fish, sea turtles, and marine mammals, these plastics will poison and eventually decimate marine populations. Seabirds entangled in floating plastic debris will soon starve and die. Coral reefs, themselves tiny animals, are the habitat and sanctuary for many forms of marine life. When exposed to plastic litter and pollution, coral reefs become susceptible to bacterial infection caused by polypropylene found in plastic products. 

Is There a Solution?

Recycling programs, buying and using less plastic in everyday life, and supporting research offer help for the future of marine wildlife. Think about all alternatives before buying disposable plastic products. Our seaside beaches are littered with used plastic drinking straws. Consider the alternative of reusable stainless steel drinking straws. Sand Straw has developed a sustainable alternative in their plan for the future through their innovative production of stainless steel drinking straws. contact us The company pledges a ten percent donation of net profits to the animal of your choice, and have made a commitment to give back to the environment.