Best Reusable Straws? Why Sand Straw is the King.

by John Weil July 03, 2019 2 min read

Plastic has always been on the radar of environmentalists but this has kicked into high gear in recent years. With a resurgent demand for alternatives to plastic straws, the market has brought forth a number of alternatives. Paper, bamboo and even harder (reusable) plastics have surfaced offering a more "environmentally friendly" option for consumers. A newer alternative has appeared though that claims to leave the others in the dust. This alternative is the stainless steel straw. 

Another Utensil 

As the site noted, the stainless steel drinking straw is particularly good for restaurants because it can be stored, used and cleaned like another eating utensil offered to customers. Because of their similar size and construction to the knives, forks and spoons already being used there is no additional burden in using these over plastic straws. In fact, it creates less mess to clean-up without the paper straw wrappers torn and left on tables. 

Another Revenue Stream

Restaurants and other retail stores embrace these as another way to increase revenue. A reusable stainless steel straw can easily be sold to customers looking to buy gifts. During the holidays, the stainless steel straw makes a perfect stocking stuffer. People will also have a tendency to buy more than one, (much like silverware in their own homes.) 

Better Suction Than Paper or Bamboo

With all of the reusable straws available on today's market, which one stands out as the best?

While paper and bamboo straws get an "A" for effort, they just don't offer the same suction that the traditional plastic straw does. While the quality to plastic just doesn't hold-up, it does in the case of stainless steel straws. The suction is as good and better than any plastic straw. Thick milkshakes and malts are just too much for paper and bamboo straws, but the stainless steel straw handles them like a pro. 

Dishwasher Safe

Stainless steel is dishwasher safe much like other eating utensils. Restaurants and homes alike are very dependent upon their dishwashers. If something is not safe to use in a dishwasher, it will hurt the commercial viability in the marketplace. Hard reusable plastics are simply not dishwasher safe. Trying to hand wash a straw is not at all fun. The stainless steel straw will have no trouble going through a dishwasher. 

The end result is clearly that the stainless steel straw can and will stand-up to consumer demand. More and more people are understanding that something has to change in terms of plastics. Are you a restaurant or store owner? Call Sand Straw today and ask about their wholesale reusable straws packages. You'll be glad you did!