Best Beverages and Desserts for Metal Straws

by John Weil August 10, 2019 2 min read

Metal straws for better drinks?

Plastic materials are becoming a real threat to the environment. Businesses, companies, and individuals are making an effort to reducing plastic usage in every way possible. For restaurant owners, they have embraced eco-friendly materials even on small items such as straws. Metallic stainless straws are now a suitable alternative. They are reusable and easy to use with a wide range of beverages and desserts.

1. Yogurts and Smoothies

Using wide stainless steel straws will help you easily siphon the drink. The circumference of these straws is wider than the normal ones. Easy drinking increases the experience and makes it more fun to use a straw. Also, you don't have to worry about the temperature because the drinks are at room temperature, and this will not affect the straw.

2. Iced Tea and Coffee

These drinks are perfect for sipping them with a bent stainless steel straw. Since the drinks are cold, the straws also maintain room temperature. Using the straws brings a refreshing feeling and a new encounter. Reviews have also stated that they do not snap and hence, highly reliable.

3. Custard

This dessert may have solid materials, but the molten part is best taken with a straw. Due to the thickness, a wide metallic straw would be the best choice. Traditionally, people are used to a spoon. Trying a metallic straw would be a new adventure for the food enthusiasts.

4. Fruit juices

Nothing goes down well like seeping chilled fruit juice from a straw. Instead of any other type, try a metallic stainless straw. It would be exciting to feel the difference from other types of straws you have used before.

5. Milk Shake

This widely popular beverage would also feel good to drink it from a straw. Due to its viscosity. Choose a wide metallic straw and feel good slowly seeping your favorite beverage.

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