3 Strategies For Making Stainless Steel Straws Part of Your Marketing

by John Weil August 13, 2019 2 min read

With the push back against plastic straws, as well as the plastic straw bans that have gone into place in several places, many businesses have been looking for more eco-friendly alternatives. One of those alternatives are reusable, metal straws. If you've been thinking about taking that step, but you're just not sure how to make it really fit with your branding, well, there are several ways you can really make this decision shine.

Strategy #1: A Slight Menu Change

Everyone loves a limited time deal, and metal straws just work better with certain items than traditional, plastic straws. Milkshakes, for example, tend to be hard to suck through a plastic straw, and they can often bend the plastic. Metal straws, though, are more resilient, and ideal for this sweet treat. Metal straws also hold a chill longer, so if you have something that's meant to keep customers cool (particularly important during the summer months), use those drinks as a way to introduce your new straws to people.

Strategy #2: Play Up The Environmental Aspect

Everyone wants to know their choices positively affect the environment, which is why reusable metal straws are an ideal investment... but you'll get more bang for your marketing buck if you play up that aspect of your business. Put together a marketing video that shows all the eco-friendly choices your business makes, from water conservation, to energy saving, to waste reduction. If you can show people that you're making a difference, then they are much more likely to respond positively, and to embrace you for those efforts because then they're supporting an eco-friendly business.

Strategy #3: Pass The Savings On

Reusable metal straws may look like a big expense on the surface, but when you look at a timeline they can save you a great deal of money when compared to plastic straws. And if you want to get your customers excited, you can pass some of those savings onto them! A short-term discount when your metal straws are first introduced (ask for a metal straw and get 10 percent off your bill, for example) is a good way to get people to pay attention, but lowering the prices of certain menu items that come with metal straws to represent the cost savings measure (along with explaining that you're passing the savings onto your customers) should get more people behind this new change.

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